Thesis Abstract

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Here is the abstract from my master’s thesis, Anatomy of a Netroots Movement: A Case Study Analysis of the Join the Impact Campaign to Organize a Nationwide Protest: In November 2008, JoinTheImpact, Inc. (JTI) launched a grassroots movement using social and new media tools to organize a national protest against an anti-gay marriage referendum passed […]

The Suite Life

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A colleague of mine recently indicated that she refuses to associate herself with social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace because she is concerned that they can adversely affect her career and chances of ever getting a seat at the executive table. She cited Simon Dumenco and his article, “Facebook: Too Creepy, Childish for the […]

Book Review: Groundswell

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The social media movement is almost palpable. Everywhere we turn we are bombarded by messages about or from this phenomenon. As public relations professionals we are being inundated by imperatives to embrace the movement that surrounds us and threatens to set our organizations asunder. So we scour the virtual bookshelves at and find an […]

Is Your Organization Learning-Impaired?

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Stephen C. Harper and David J. Glew discuss specific factors that impair organizational learning in the April 2008 issue of Industrial Engineer. In their article, “Is Your Organization Learning-Impaired,” the authors deftly summarize what we have been learning in this program: The key to organizational management and success is centered on an astute understanding of […]

Why Stress Doesn’t Exist


Robert Maurer, a clinical psychologist at the UCLA School of Medicine, discusses why stress does not really exist in the 2002 issue of Men’s Health. He believes that what we perceive as stress is actually an emotional response to fear. In order for us to escape the symptoms of fear, he explains, we must admit […]

Book Review: Publicity for Nonprofits

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Public relations practitioners often find that planning and managing public relations for nonprofit organizations can pose unique challenges. Those practitioners often have little to no budgets and staff support to match to implement effective communications. Fortunately, Sandra Beckwith has written a book to address the unique needs of the nonprofit organization. Her book, Publicity for […]